Do you know what’s going on backstage at the Dallas Summer Musicals?

Help us support Dallas Summer Musicals’ backstage wardrobe and hair crew. When you pull back the curtain, you should see that Dallas Summer Musicals acts fair with all its employees, regardless of gender. Dallas Summer Musicals’ wardrobe and hair workers—predominately women—can make $5.81 less per hour than others working backstage in hourly positions. It takes a complete team of skilled people to make sure audiences seeing shows like Hello Dolly have great experiences. Don’t you think the whole backstage team deserves fair and equal treatment when it comes to wages? It’s time for Dallas Summer Musicals to fix the wage gap. Wardrobe and hair workers backstage deserve fair pay!

DSM Fix the Wage Gap

Dear Kenneth Novice

I am aware of Dallas Summer Musicals’ great work and know your reputation for being a leader in the theater industry. However, while I admire the shows on stage, I also want to know that people backstage are given the treatment they deserve, especially when it comes to wages. I am writing to express my support for DSM’s backstage wardrobe and hair workers. Everyone working for DSM deserves fair and equal treatment, regardless of gender. The wardrobe and hair crews should be earning wages equivalent to other hourly skilled workers backstage. All working people deserve to make a decent living and the time has come to sit down with your wardrobe and hair employees to fix the wage gap.

I support the wardrobe and hair crew and their goal of equitable working conditions!

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